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Currently, social networks have a lot of influence on our relationships. We always keep in touch with people we like, sending messages and commenting on their posts and photos. When we are going to comment on pictures of friends or boyfriends, we have to think carefully about what we are going to say, making creative and excellent comments that make the person feel good and reinforce our relationship. If you want to comment on an image and don’t quite know what to say, check out this one Como article for the best comments for anyone’s photos!

Best Comments for Girls Picture

Best Comments for photos of friends

It’s always good to make lovely comments on friends’ photos, demonstrating how they matter to us. See below the best compliments for pictures and cool things we can say:

  • I don’t need many. I only need the best. I need you!
  • The best!
  • Wealth is being able to have you in my life.
  • I thank you every day for having you as a friend.
  • Light of my life.
  • So pretty, it doesn’t even look real.
  • Always showing me the best side of life.
  • Friendship is a union, and ours is forever.
  • Couldn’t ask for a better friend.
  • I will send this photo to NASA because you are a star.
  • Beautifying Instagram!
  • This one deserves applause. 👏
  • Queen of elegance.

When making comments to photos of friends, you can also use funny memes for words like ” if together already cause, imagine together ” for pictures of you.

Best Comments for photos of friends

It’s not just girls who like to receive compliments! Commenting on friends’ photos with compliments is also really cool and shows how much we appreciate them.

  • Beautiful as always!
  • Looks like a Hollywood actor.
  • A smile was so beautiful that it is contagious.
  • Fucking man!
  • How proud to be friends with a beautiful person like you.
  • Moving on to remind you how beautiful you are!
  • You are one in a million.
  • Super photogenic.
  • Almost a professional model.
  • Born for cameras.

Best Comments for girlfriend photos

Receiving comments with compliments is suitable for any woman’s self-esteem, even more so when it comes to your girlfriend. Some of the compliments you can give are:

  • I can’t believe I date the most beautiful woman in the world.
  • My inspirational muse.
  • I even ran out of air!
  • Simply perfect.
  • You are the definition of beauty.
  • Makes you want to keep it in a bit of pot.
  • I have no words to describe how beautiful you are.
  • A masterpiece!
  • You are not the seventh wonder of the world. You are the eighth.
  • You are the most beautiful thing in the world, yet that is not the most exciting thing about you.
  • You are proof that dreams can be confirmed.
  • If beauty were time, you would be an eternity.

Besides the compliments, another option is to make funny comments to photos of the girlfriend. Below are some ideas:

  • Do you have a band-aid? I just got hurt falling in love with you.
  • If being perfect was a crime, I would call the police to go now to arrest you.
  • Let me know when posting a photo again that I have to prepare my heart first.
  • Together and shallow now.

Best Comments for crush pictures

And, of course, it’s free to comment on the crush photo. It’s just a matter of tact, skill (and a certain intimacy):

What to comment on crush’s photo: compliments for men’s photos

  • My crush!
  • My day was happier after seeing this photo.
  • I almost stroked the cell phone screen.
  • Your smile is just one of the things I like about you.
  • An angel without wings.

What to comment on crush’s photo: compliments for men’s photos

  • I have no words to describe how beautiful you are.
  • Beautiful inside and out.
  • You just made me smile.
  • Its beauty is fascinating.
  • The brightness of your eyes is greater than that of any star.

When it’s time to praise crush, be careful not to say anything too aggressive, for example, comments of a sexual nature. It’s always good to keep the elegance and kindness to show that we are really interested in our crush, making lovely comments for excellent pictures of the person we like.


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