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Best Mirzapur Dialogue 2020 Amazon Prime Web Series Mirzapur makes a history in Indian Web Series, Mirzapur has received excellent reviews and has gained a cult following since its release. Released in 2018, is a crime thriller that revolves around drugs, guns, politics full of violence and dark humor. It is now being labelled as a competitor of Netflix’s Sacred Games and the Bollywood’s block buster Gangs of Wasseypur.

The featured cast includes, Ali Fazal, Pankaj Triphati and Rasika Dugal they gives the best performance and something that also caught attention of the masses are the epic punchlines and dialogues from Mirzapur.

Best Mirzapur Dialogue 2020

These are some Best Mirzapur Dialogue 2020 from Season 1 that are so badass punchlines and dialogues. Mirzapur Captions for Instagram

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Dialogues From Kaleen Bhaiya

Best Mirzapur Dialogue 2020

Neta banna hai toh Gundey paalo. Gundey mat bano.

– Dar ki yahi dikkat hain, ki kabhii bhi Khatam ho sakta hai

– Izzat nahi karte hain… Darte hain sab.

– Ch***ya hain woh important nahi hai. Hamara ladka hai, Woh important hai.

– Test Kakrke nahi liya tha?? Kitta mei liya tha?? Woh 1500 waala!! ab 1500 me bho***ke AK – 47 chahiye tmko

Har bar garam karke Thanda hi chhod dete ho. Tumhare chutiyape kab kahtam hogen

Dialogues From Munna Triphati (Munna Bhai)

Dialogues From Munna Triphati (Munna Bhai) memes gif

Mata ji yahan hai, Behen yahan hai, Maa-Behen ek karne mein aasani hogi.

Oh Bhos***i waley Chacha. Rest kariye, varna Rest in Peace ho jaoge!

– Kaleen Bhaiya!! KING of MIRZAPUR. To Bho**ke hum hue Prince!

Dialogues From Guddu Pandit

Dialogues From Guddu Pandit memes gif

– Ab chahe snaap aake ghar mein doshti karle… Rehta toh Zehreela hi hai na

– Attack me bhi gun, defense me bhi gun, Hum banayenge Mirzapur ko Amrica!

Shuru majburi mei kiye the….. Ab maza aa raha hai.

Agli bar Munna Bhaiya ghr aaye… Zinda wapas hi nahi laute to?

– Zindgi ho toh aisi ho, Zinda toh jha*t ke baal bhi hain.

Middle class admi, admi nhi chut*ya hota hai. Chut*ya

– Ab chahe snaap aake ghar mein doshti karle… Rehta toh Zehreela hi hai na.

– Saale horan ga**d me daal denge abhi!!. po po po !! Helicopter ban ke jaoge kya baat kar tahe hain na….bho***ke nikal!!

Guns ki maddad se darr nahi badhana hai, darr ki maddad se guns badhani hai

– Agli baar Munna Bhaiya ghar aaye, zinda wapas hi nahi laute toh?

Dialogues From Babloo Pandit

Dialogues From Babloo Pandit memes

– Ye madam jee sirf tabhi khayengi, jab ye date pe ayengi!!

Dialogue from Golu Gupta

Dialogue from Golu Gupta memes

– Baki har jagah acha kaam karke jeet te hai, bas election hi aisi jagah hai jahan jeet hai taki acha kaam kr ske

The good news for all Mirzapur fans is the Mirzapur Season 2 is releasing on 23 October. We hope the season 2 has also this epic dialogue.

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