40 Best Captions for Coffee Lover | Who can’t start the Day without Coffee

Can you already smell the coffee? A good cup of drink is part of the start of the day for many people. To go to work, after lunch, for an afternoon snack… There is no right time for caffeine lovers to enjoy the “liquid of the gods,” as it is affectionately called by them.

Captions for Coffee

Coffee has taken over the lives of people and also of various cultures around the world. In fact, there are thousands of cozy cafes out there, great for those who like to have a hot cup with friends or enjoy this moment alone. We’ve selected a list of Captions for Coffee, especially for you who don’t give up drinking. So grab your favorite mug, bring the water to a boil and check it out while your coffee brews!

Best Captions for Coffee

How about enjoying your favorite moment of the day to read while you want your cup? Check out this selection that we have prepared with the best quotes about coffee!

Best Captions for Coffee
  • Inspiration and some coffee! That’s enough for me!
  • Have a coffee. The world ended a long time ago.
  • Life is like hot coffee. If we swig it, we burn our mouths.
  • A good day starts with coffee and a smile.
  • Good news and a cup of coffee everyone deserve!
  • May the day be as good as the smell of freshly brewed coffee!
  • Coffee first, trouble later.
  • A shot of coffee and a photo of faith.
  • Sometimes, to make something possible, we just need a shot of coffee.
  • May we never lack faith, coffee, and love.

Quotes about Coffee and Work

It is not easy to endure a tiring day, whatever your profession, especially after getting up early in the morning. That’s why a mug of coffee can make all the difference in your day! If you can’t get started without his help, these coffee and work phrases are for you! Check out:

Quotes about Coffee and Work
  • Without coffee, there is no work!
  • The secret to a successful career is a good cup of coffee before work.
  • Work requires a generous dose of coffee!
  • My best co-worker is coffee.
  • Work without a cup of coffee is not working.
  • On the worst days at work, coffee is always there to save!
  • Work hard, drink coffee twice.
  • Good coffee and a committed work team are the perfect combinations.
  • Wake up, have breakfast, and go to work. Such are my days!
  • Me, coffee, and work. There is no more perfect trio than this one!

Funny Quotes about Coffee

Everything gets better when we put in a dose of good humor, right? Coffee addicts have undoubtedly heard or made countless jokes out there about their love of drinking… Check out some funny coffee quotes we’ve selected, and enjoy!

Funny Quotes about Coffee
  • It’s easier to change religion than coffee.
  • Indians only have three problems: coffee, lunch, and dinner.
  • The basic need of the human heart during a major crisis is a good cup of hot coffee.
  • I want coffee to change what I can and wine to accept what I can’t.
  • The coffee should be hot as hell, pure as an angel, and sweet as love.
  • Don’t treat like coffee who treats you like tea.
  • Everybody believes in something. I think I’ll have another cup of coffee.
  • Drown your sorrows in a cup of coffee. It’s hot there and still tastes good.
  • They’ve already discovered water on Mars. Now all that’s left is to take the coffee powder, which is enough for you to live in peace.
  • You care a lot about appearance. What matters is whether a person likes coffee.

Quotes about Coffee and Friendship

Is there anything better than a combination of friends and coffee? No wonder we offer the famous cafe when we receive a visit at home. If your friends share that same love as you do, this list below is for you! Check out some quotes about coffee and friendship that we selected:

Quotes about Coffee and Friendship
  • Without your friendship and without my coffee, I am nothing.
  • Friendship is similar to good coffee: once cold, it doesn’t heat up without losing the first taste.
  • If my friend makes a sweet coffee, I drink it, but I will drink it in the same way if it makes it bitter.
  • A coffee, a friend, a prayer, a blessing. Everything that warms the heart nourishes the faith and strengthens life.
  • The perfect blend of coffee and friends is better than therapy.
  • Have friends, good coffee, and lots of love to give. That’s the formula for happiness.
  • Coffee and good friends are enough to make the day happy.
  • There’s nothing that a conversation between friends over coffee doesn’t solve!
  • Cultivate friends and drink good coffee. The rest is just rest.
  • There is always that friend who is willing to have a coffee with you at any time!

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