Captions for Retirement: Formal and Funny

After many, too many years spent working, the long-awaited moment for your loved one has finally come: retirement! Whether it’s a friend, a friend, a colleague or a family member, you should wish him the best retirement wishes in the world. He deserves it.

Captions for Retirement
Captions for Retirement

Wish him the best with these beautiful retirement quotes, to spend time with his family, to do all the things he hasn’t been able to do during the last 40 (or more) years, and indeed to stay healthy for many more years. But above all, make him feel that you are close to him at such an important stage in his life. It doesn’t take much. A little thought, a gift or even just a few captions for retirement can be enough.

On this page, you will find the most beautiful Captions for Retirement to dedicate to the special person who has just retired. Use them to get ideas and then put your own to personalize them to make them unique. Write the phrases on the retirement greeting card, or send them via WhatsApp message if the new retiree is far from where you live. The important thing is to dedicate at least one thought to him, let him understand that you too are happy for the goal he has just reached.

Formal captions for retirement

Do you have a retiring colleague who does not know how to wish him good wishes for retirement? Is he one of those colleagues with whom you haven’t had a great relationship but who still appreciate and don’t know how to express it to him? Get inspired by our formal retirement captions :

captions for retirement
Captions for Retirement
  • Just as your work has been long and satisfying, we wish you an equally long and satisfying retirement.
  • In terms of profit and loss, retirement is a loss for colleagues and a profit for the family. Enjoy your retirement!
  • Besides being a colleague, you have been a great teacher to me. I will never forget that. Good pension.
  • Congratulations on your retirement. But know that you will leave a great void in the office: your company and contribution will be greatly missed.
  • We will miss you. But it’s the right time for you. I sincerely hope the retirement is wonderful and wish you a lot of joyful time with your family.
  • We will long remember the things you did here. Thanks for your years of hard work and dedication. Congratulations on your retirement.
  • During your career, you have always been someone’s boss. Retirement is an opportunity to be your boss. Congratulations.

Captions for Retirement

Are you looking for captions for those who retire after many years of work but can’t find the right words? Do not worry. On this page, we offer the best retirement captions to dedicate to all the people you know, friends, colleagues, relatives or parents.

Captions for Retirement
  • Now comes the fun! A second youth and lots of free time. Retirement is not a goal, but the magic line of a horizon where you can slow down to collect the dreams of a lifetime – Best wishes!
  • Now that you are retired, you will be flooded with Hamletic doubts: what to watch on TV, what to eat for lunch and dinner, etc. But don’t worry – you’ll get over this too!
  • You’ve earned your well-deserved rest. Just one question .what color do you want her slippers to be?
  • Happy retirement, Dad, but please. find a hobby!
  • Now you can finally dedicate yourself to your passions. You deserve this pension. Happy retirement, Dad!
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Wishes for a colleague’s Retirement

Are you looking for coworker retirement captions? On this page, we have proposed some of them. In general, choose the tone of the greetings based on your relationship.

Wishes for a colleague's Retirement

If he is a colleague with whom you have a good feeling, use funny and witty retirement captions, perhaps relying on the fact that he can finally watch the television in peace, or that he must not try to complain in the least that he will miss the work.

If, on the other hand, you haven’t had a lot of confidence with your colleague, stick to the classic greetings, perhaps adding your own words so as not to be too detached. He was still a colleague of yours!

If you don’t know what to write on your retirement greeting cards, on this page, you can find the correct retirement captions based on your relationship with the retiree and their character.

  • To a colleague – oops – an extraordinary former colleague, a little thought, a symbol of our esteem and our affection.
  • You’re finally leaving! Seriously: great good luck for the future, with all our love and a pinch of envy!
  • Congratulations on your retirement. But know that you will leave a great void in the office: we will miss your company and your contribution a lot.
  • When you retire, you find yourself having to make difficult choices about how to pass the time. Like, do I fish with worms or flies today and then take the dog to the park? Joke, best wishes!
  • Retire, finally! Of course, we envy you a little, but we thank you for all your patience with us.
  • From now on we wish you a lot of fun with lots of laughs, but don’t forget your old mates who are at work. We will miss you so much!

Aphorisms about Retirement

Among the retirement wishes that you could do, there are also some excellent aphorisms. Captions focused on retirement or life (if you want to be profound) allow you in a few lines to use original captions for retirement that contain a significant meaning, sometimes philosophical, on the meaning of life that remains to be lived or on being retired.

Captions for Retirement: Formal and Funny
  • A retired husband is often a full-time job for a wife! Best wishes for your retirement.
  • Retirement is the most extended coffee break in the world. Enjoy it! Best wishes!
  • It is retirement that keeps you young! Not the job. Best wishes!
  • The retiree is twice tired. First, he is tired of working. Then he is tired of not working.
  • When you were working, you complained because you wanted to go on vacation. From tomorrow I bet you will complain because you want to go back to work!
  • In retirement, there is never enough time to do all the nothing you want.
  • A volcanic person like you will certainly not stop “working” because he has reached retirement age. We are curious to witness your following astounding feats!
  • Being retired is like being a child again. You have a whole day to play, smile and think about having fun.

Nice and funny retirement wishes

There are various types of retirement captions that you can dedicate based on the retiree’s character. For those who love to laugh and joke, joking retirement captions are perfect, wherewith a nice and funny tone, you wish your loved one retirement wishes, without ever forgetting humor. For example, you can tease him by saying that now he can finally go and look at construction sites with his arms behind his back or that he absolutely must find a hobby not to break up at home. In short, funny captions still contain all your joy and admiration for the person who has worked for so long. If you don’t have much relationship with the pensioner, it would be better to avoid witty wishes rather stay on the more classic greeting captions for retirement.

Formal captions for retirement
  • Now that you are retired, don’t complain that you missed a job and want to return—best wishes from your colleagues.
  • You are finally retired now. We can tell you that you were a lovely pain in the ass, but we loved you all the same—your colleagues.
  • Dear Mum, you will have no more excuses from now on: now you have plenty of time to learn how to cook properly! Joke. Best wishes for a peaceful retirement.
  • It is a good moment for you, even more so for us who no longer have you around, even if we continue to have you always in our thoughts—best wishes for a sound retirement.
  • After going straight, the time has come to go around in circles. Congratulations.
  • Finally, the right time has come to rest after many years of good work—best wishes for your well-deserved retirement.
  • You’ve hung up your work. Your colleagues and yours greet you with affection and nostalgia for your perennial good mood.
  • You have decided to leave room for others, finally. You will get back your quality time—wishes for your retirement.
  • I wish you to carry on the wishes still in the drawer. Hello and goodbye.
  • I am very happy for you. Retirement will undoubtedly give you the breathing space to dedicate yourself to something else and your wonderful family.
  • You have a new role: the “do nothing” pensioner. I joke and make you and my best wishes for a well-deserved rest.
  • Finally, at the goal! You have reached a new milestone. You are always one step ahead of me. I envy you. Congratulations!
  • Deepen your passions and enjoy life again: this is my sincere wish.
  • Today we celebrate the moment you finally retire. So stop, relax, watch the people gather around you to celebrate. It’s your day. It’s a way to say thank you for the great work you have done. You are a particular person.
  • You have been a genuinely wonderful colleague up to no. from tomorrow, and for a long time, you will remain a special friend. Thanks for being in my life.
  • And now that you retire, they are ready for you. Strollers and toys. Come on, Grandma, full time. Your grandchildren were waiting to enjoy your free time.
  • T was an absolute honor to be your colleague. I learned so much about the work we do from your helpful advice and immense patience. This thought is to say thank you.
  • The profession of the doctor is different from the others. It has to do with people’s lives. The resulting gratitude goes far beyond the simple doctor-patient relationship. It becomes heart-to-heart communication. So many people are grateful to you for the commendable work you have done! Thanks, and best wishes for your retirement!

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