5 Biggest Common Instagram Mistakes made by Businesses

Instagram is a valuable channel for most businesses unless you are making these Common Instagram Mistakes.

Common Instagram Mistakes

Common Instagram Mistakes

Instagram has now passed the 1 billion user mark, so it has undoubtedly become a crucial marketing channel for businesses to consider.

But, while some companies are making it through and driving significant sales through Instagram, others are reeling and scratching their heads, wondering why it isn’t working.

With all the various social media and marketing channels available today, we know that it can be overwhelming for business owners today to know which channel to focus their efforts on to drive sales and show a significant ROI. So, here are some common mistakes we see businesses make on Instagram today.

Is your business appropriate for Instagram ?

First of all, not all businesses are suitable for Instagram. Since Instagram is all about lifestyle and things displayed in stunning images, it works great for vertical consumers like fashion, beauty, products, and travel.

But, if you are more of a B2B company or an enterprise SaaS company, Instagram may not be the place for you to make sales.

Despite this, many B2B companies believe that “they should be doing something on Instagram.” Don’t be afraid to realize that Instagram isn’t suitable for your business if it’s not the right audience channel for you.

There is nothing wrong with exploring it as a branding or customer engagement exercise – don’t be discouraged if you don’t see results. Getting discouraged is another common mistake.

However, if your business is Instagram-friendly and you do not see results, then you may be making one of the common mistakes companies make on Instagram:

You cannot buy in your feed

One of the biggest frustrations for businesses that tried to sell on Instagram early on was that Instagram doesn’t allow you to post clickable links to products alongside the photos you post.

However, some new tools have emerged recently, such as product labelling, making it easier to sell to retailers and buyers to consumers. For example, Shopify.com became the first e-commerce platform that allowed retailers to send their customers directly from an Instagram photo to a product page on their website.

You have too many steps for conversion. Another common mistake your posts might be flawlessly tagged with products, but how easy is it for your customers to review them? One of the main rules of online selling is that every step, click, or form your customer needs to complete causes them to start dropping.

Amazon’s one-click checkout has played a big part in its success. Don’t forget that Instagram has a predominant mobile experience where your customers have less patience and smaller screens.

Does this mean that you have to consider how easy it is for them to navigate and buy from your Instagram page?

Buy fake followers

It can be daunting when a business starts with 50 followers and reaches 1,000 or 10,000 key followers. You can spend days at it and get a few new followers, but running a larger number may seem like it will take a lifetime.

This is why so many businesses fall into the trap of buying followers, but it’s possibly one of the biggest mistakes a company can make.

First of all, any frequent Instagram user can spot a company with fake followers a mile away. Imagine an account that has 10,000 followers but only gets 10 as a photo.

Also, you are not buying real people to follow you. Many of these systems have followers that do not exist; therefore, you must be careful to hire one of these systems and do it with a quality one. It’s also not wise for business or engagement.

The risk of the Shadow ban

Also, if Instagram detects that you have bought followers, it can implement a shadow-ban, which means that it will hide your hashtags from the public, and only your followers will be able to see anything you post.

When you get a shadow-ban on your account, it can be tough to convince Instagram to undo it, and you may need to set up an entirely new account and start from scratch again.

Building an audience of 100 to 10,000 takes a lot of work and patience. It won’t happen overnight. If you expect that it will, you will only end up frustrated and disappointed.

Getting involved, being active, and having the proper following takes a lot of time and work. It requires consistently posting great content, engaging with your audience through comments, and engaging with and following potential customers on your pages. Slowly and surely, over a few months, you should start to see your numbers rise.

The agency professionals often use automation tools to display Instagram feeds and plan, create an aesthetic brand and build a consistent and beautiful feed.

You do it all about sales.

Instagram is a platform where people can look at other people’s lifestyles,  laugh at funny memes, or draw inspiration from powerful messages. It is a social platform before a shopping platform.

Businesses can irritate their customers by being too sales oriented. Don’t make your page about selling your product. Include photos and messages that embrace your brand’s voice or show off funny images of your staff.

Examples on Instagram

Use your imagination but don’t make every post a sales message. For example, Apple sells phones and computers, but its Instagram channel is primarily dedicated to displaying its customers’ photos using their phones. The same goes for celebrities and pop stars.

Ultimately, they want to sell their songs and concert tickets, but their Instagram is almost always full of glimpses of their glamorous lives and adventures.

They may occasionally mention that they have a new tour or song, but, like Diljit Dosanj, most of this will come from sharing fan love or ‘swipe up’ story links.

You don’t use Instagram Stories enough.

Based on Stories, many companies seem to skip using Instagram Stories, despite being a great channel to engage their customers and gain new followers. This is one of the common mistakes of those who use Instagram for business. You don’t necessarily have to record live videos. You can use still images and create text pages to create a story and use tags to make it relevant to the proper channels.

But again, don’t do it all about the sale: entertain, engage, and make fans smile. Use this feature as a way to showcase your brand personality, show love to followers and ambassadors, and create content that people want to see, so they keep coming back for more.

Avoid making these five mistakes, and your brand can better benefit from the hyperactive community of Instagrammers around the world, rather than scratching your head to find out what you’re doing wrong.

If that still doesn’t work, it might be time to turn to a creative agency to do the heavy lifting for you.

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