100 Best Travel Captions for Instagram | Travel Quotes

Travel Captions for Instagram are essential to describe an unforgettable moment. Who has never seen themselves in front of a photo, having difficulty translating that feeling into an Instagram caption? 

Some trips take the words out of us, and in these cases, we can help you translate some of the sensations that describe what you experienced. Whether to reflect, move, or make people laugh.

Travel Captions for Instagram
Travel Captions for Instagram

We’ve selected the best travel Captions for you to use on several occasions, whether it’s for the one you were with your friends, with your boyfriend, or for the captions of the photos you want to share on social networks. They’re great to express a little bit of the unforgettable moment you’ve lived!

Travel Quotes: Why Good Captions Are Key On Instagram?

It is very strategic to use Instagram’s Captions space well. A picture doesn’t speak a thousand words. Descriptive texts are essential complements, especially if you know how to describe your feelings about the click made.

Instagram captions also serve to provide specific details of what you intend to say with the record. 

In the case of travel captions, which are already posting more “lights,” so to speak, people expect a quick description of the emotions you are feeling with the tourist or adventure experience. 

Ideally, it is not a long text. It is necessary to exercise the power of synthesis — say a lot with lean writing. That’s where travel captions fit like a glove. 

Travel Captions for Instagram: Adventures and Trails

Here are some tips for those adventure trips — trail exploration, for example. Realize that they are short and appeal to the thrill of venturing around. 

Adventures Travel Captions
  • I’m already thinking about the next adventure. Because the thrill of exploring the world is priceless!
  • Nature is enchanting, but first… let’s take a selfie!
  • Nature smiles on flowers.
  • Life was made for good friends and great adventures.
  • It is with friends that moments become magical and unforgettable.
  • The good thing about life is to celebrate with friends the joy of living!
  • We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.
  • I have 99 problems. Nature is none of them.
  • Never miss places for the first time!
  • I can’t control the wind, but I can hug myself to a tree.
  • I prefer the adrenaline of nature to the adrenaline of the office. And you?
  • Nature dresses in the colors of the spirit. Tell the truth: we love a garden!
  • Nature’s music is for those who know how to appreciate symphonies.

Travel Quotes: the first time

Whenever you travel to a destination for the first time, the discoveries are immense. Be sure to demonstrate this in your Instagram posts. Everyone identifies with those who are surprised and happy to discover new things. 

See some captions that will inspire you:

  • Work hard to travel a lot!
  • No matter how short the path. Who steps on leaves a mark!
  • It’s hard to be sad when there’s so much beauty in the world. 
  • Every place I go will become a part of me in some way.
  • Traveling enough will make you discover yourself.
  • Traveling is not talking about the arrival but about the path.
  • I haven’t seen the whole world yet, but it’s on my list.
  • In the end, we’ll remember everything we didn’t experience, so travel!
  • Born to explore the world!
  • Friends who travel together, stay together!
  • Good friends know all our stories. Best friends are part of them.
  • Life is made up of small moments that become great when shared with the people we love!
  • Find a perfect place to get lost.
  • A traveler without observation is a bird without wings.
  • It’s nice to end with a journey, but in the end, it’s the journey that matters.
  • We wander to distract ourselves, but we travel to fulfill ourselves.
  • My new addiction: having memories around the world.

Travel Captions for Instagram : beach

Summer beach Instagram captions

No one doesn’t love traveling to the coast. Exploring different beaches, possibly, is the dream of 9 out of 10 people (let’s leave one out so as not to generalize, right?).

Here are some travel captions to inspire you when you visit a beach and post amazing photos on Insta:

  • Life is always better at the beach!
  • I followed my heart, and it brought me to the beach.
  • My happiness starts in the waves, extends through the sand, and is entirely under the umbrella.
  • The ocean waves take me back to me.
  • My therapy boils down to beach sand.
  • My dreams are made of sun and sand.
  • I wish for the courage of a sailor and the intensity of an ocean.
  • The sea is the only saltwater that makes me a sweeter person.
  • If heaven exists, surely there will be a beach in it
  • Of all the treasures lost at sea, my heart also stayed there.
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Travel Captions for Instagram : International

And that international trip? Posting international travel on Instagram is always successful. To complete your posts of this type, see below some inspirational quotes for the caption:

International Travel Captions
  • Don’t let your dreams be just dreams, come to Italy once in a lifetime.
  • Life is short, so get to know London as soon as possible.
  • Paris, I Love you.
  • The bad thing about a trip to Europe is that there comes a time when it ends. 
  • You can leave Hong Kong, but HK will always live in some part of you. Unforgettable!
  • Getting to know India first leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.
  • Any place is home when I’m by your side.
  • Traveling is better for two.
  • Perfect combination is beach, sun and you and me together.
  • I need a vacation of at least 6 months, twice a year, enough time to get to know Thailand.
  • My passport asks for stamps!

As you’ve seen, you can be creative and say a lot in a few words on Instagram. These Travel Captions for Instagram that we have indicated can be freely copied and if you want to exchange a word or two, a little place or another, to be more your dear, feel free. Oh, and don’t forget to work on the hashtags and use #instatravelpic so that more people can find your clicks. Have a good trip, always!

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